22 May 2024,   03:42
I did not get the answer - NGOs got acquainted with accumulated pension reform NGOs got acquainted with the accumulated pension reform.

 Representatives of the pension agency introduced the system to civil society members.
The main question that the experts have in relation to the reform regards the investments in the funds and their protection.
"Today I did not get the answer. I am not sure what mechanism exists that protect us after 5-10 years and the population will be protected by the state and that the state does not misuse the accumulated funds, "said economist Giorgi Papava.
The TBSC Consulting Manager Tengiz Lomitashvili states that the state should explain in detail why these funds will be better invested than that of the private sector.
Chairman of the pension fund Levan Surguladze says that the state has done everything to prevent unnecessary difficulties for the companies.