22 May 2024,   18:48
" It is important not to hold a unilateral investigation, " Ombudsman on confrontation in Kakheti

The Office of Public Defender of Georgia studies facts of confrontation, which took place in Kakheti two days ago - Nino Lomjaria made a statement.
The Ombudsman points out the necessity of independent investigation.
According to Nino Lomjaria, the Ombudsman"s staff members are studying the video footage of the ongoing processes in order to determine who violates the law.

According to Lomjaria, it should be found out whether the police used excessive force.

"We study materials to find out who violated the law. How police performed their functions, If there was an excess of force and we would have our opinions on everything and in such a delicate situation it is essential not to hola d one-sided investigation,"- said "said the ombudsman.