22 June 2024,   12:27
Some of NGOs still offer Tamar Zhvania to the post of the CEC Chairperson

Part of the third sector will nominated by the head of the election administration Tamar Zhvania as one of the candidates for the CEC Chairperson.
Some of the NGOs are meeting with at Salome Zourabichvili at Marriott Hotel at this moment. Leader of the Civil Society and Democracy Development Center Lado Bojadze said Tamar Zhvania will be one of the three candidates who will be nominated by a part of the third sector to the president at the consultations.
"I will definitely refrain from naming the candidacies but one of the candidates will still be the acting chairperson Tamar Zhvania. You know that the rules that the candidate must meet are strictly defined by the legislation. I mean the certificate of election administration officer and other requirements. And the most important thing is to have maximum access to all the parties involved in the elections. I mean political parties, civil sector, media. Because this person will head the election administration for the next 5 years to conduct the 2020 parliamentary elections. 2021 self-government elections, so trust and reputation will be one of the most important issues, "Lado Bozadze said.
In addition, part of the third sector claims that, apart from Tamar Zhvania, the lawyer Mariam Shelegi will be named.
"We will offer Mrs. Mariam Shelegia with about 10 years of experience working on election issues. As well as managerial experience in the City Hall. She has conducted about 300 trainings . That is, she has a rich experience in the elections, "- said Grigol Gagnidze, chairman of the" International Observatory of Lawyers".
Davit Liluashvili, chairperson of the NGO Coalition for Our Rights, did not want to talk to Rustavi 2 and it is not clear who he is going to name.
GYLA , "Transparency International - Georgia" and "Fair Elections" will not name their candidates. Representatives of these NGOs did not attend the meeting with Salome Zourabichvili.