18 June 2024,   09:07
Chaotic Constructions - Head of Seismic Center Speaks of Threats and Addresses City Hall

The head of the seismic center Tea Godoladze calls on the government to be cautious.
Director of the National Institute of Earth Sciences and Seismology says that Tbilisi is located in seismically active zone and the constructions should be based only on relevant seismic conclusions.According to the head of the seismic center, the City Hall issued construction permits at 6 million square meters.
"We are a seismically active country and earthquake is a natural catastrophe that no one can ever avoid The situation in terms of construction is catastrophic , because it is unprotected construction policy. These buildings do not have seismic protection, even geotechnical protection. We already have a vicious circle where you can not actually find the culprit, "said Tea Godoladze.