17 June 2024,   05:24
Kutaisi "White Bridge" opened shortly after rehabilitation is blocked

Kutaisi White Bridge, which was opened shortly after rehabilitation, is blocked. Today, in the morning, the glass tiles over the bridge have cracked.
The members of the civic movement"Europe My Home" are on the bridge and warn citizens that it is dangerous to go over this place. They urge the City Hall to put up warning signs so that citizens do are not fall in the river.
Kutaisi City Hall does not rule out that the bridge was artificially damaged, but the city mayor said that the company, which was responsible for rehabilitation of the bridge made mistakes and part of the amount was subtracted and now they are asked to return the rest of the transferred money. They also appealed to the court to fine the company by 200 thousand GEL.
The new tender will be announced next year to correct the defects on the bridge.
436 thousand GEL was allocated for rehabilitation of the bridge.