13 July 2024,   19:58
Closed Meeting in Kachreti - Georgian Dream discusses Eka Beselia"s expulsion

Representatives of the Parliamentary majority and the executive power are gathered in the hotel "Ambassador" in Kachreti.

According to the official information, future plans are discussed at the extended meeting, but reportedly Eka Beselia"s expulsion from the party may be discussed as well.

The meeting is attended by the Chairman of the Parliament and the Prime Minister as well.
Eka Beselia and Gedevan Popkhadze do not attend the meeting, however, as Mamuka Mdinaradze states that issues, which are being discussed do not require attendance of all MPs.

He says that this is a kind of seminar and will not discuss those issues concerning the confrontation within the majority.
Mdinaradze claims that Beselia"s issue is not discussed as well.

"We basically discuss the improvement of coordination and management, which is a common practice in the western countries, in the European countries and we think that this seminar will improve this coordination," Mamuka Mdinaradze says.