25 July 2024,   05:18
"I call on my colleagues not to violate team rules of the game" - Mamuka Mdinaradze

Meeting of the parliamentary majority and executive power representatives continues in the Hotel Ambasadori in Kachreti.
For several hours, the Georgian Dream has been having a discussion behind closed doors.
Eka Beselia has not attended the meeting. Reportedly, the members of the Georgian Dream are discussing the expulsion of Beselia from the party. But Mamuka Mdinaradze says that it will be difficult for him to say whether or not his issue will be discussed. He calls on his teammates to stick to teamwork.
Mamuka Mdinaradze claims that today"s meeting is a seminar. According to him, this meeting is not attended by many MPs and the composition was determined by the organizer. According to Mamuka Mdinaradze, there was no need for all MPs to attend .