20 July 2024,   01:29
"We do not have epidemic," David Sergeenko talks about the spread of H1N1

Will the H1N1 spread be the reason for prolonging winter holidays in schools - the decision will be made by the Ministry of Health and Education at the end of the week. Due to the virus, a large number of medical institutions have been transferred to the emergency regime, but the healthcare ministry claims that in the last few days the number of addresses to medical institutions has decreased.
In parallel, quarantine is announced in many clinics - including in Batumi and Poti hospitals.
The Ministry explains that the restriction only concerns the viewers and not the patients.
"We had the most peek of 277 and now it is 256 which means that we do not have an epidemic."
The epidemic knowledge is necessary for the health system to enact the appropriate protocol. "Tamiflu supplies, as well are determined by the international protocols, "- says Sergeenko.