25 July 2024,   04:13
"Exclusion is a bad word, we will not be able to stay together in one team with such positions" - Gia Volski speaks about Eka Beselia

A Confrontation in the ruling team continues - Eka Beselia"s team members are not going to stop. Bidzina Ivanishvili, the chairman of the party, makes the first statement.

Ivanishvili openly criticizes Eka Beselia and Gedevan Popkhadze in the statement.

The Chairman of "Georgian Dream" states that Beselia"s resignation is a misunderstanding and accuses her of violating the regalement.

espite Ivanishvili"s criticizm, members of the parliamentary majority say that Eka Beselia"s exclusion from the party is not discussed. However, as one of the leaders of the parliamentary majority Gia Volski says, the opposed parties can not stay in one team. According to him, mistakes have been made and the opposing sides should talk about these mistakes.

"Exclusion is a bad word, perhaps we will not be able to stay together with such positions , "Said Gia Volski.

Another member of the parliamentary majority, Giorgi Kakhiani thinks that a solution of the conflict in the team largely depends on Eka Beselia.

Kakhiani hopes that Beselia will stay in the team.