20 July 2024,   00:40
Chair of Xiaowei, whose transparent ties to the Chinese State routinely run it afoul with regulators

"Why are we rebels? What are signs of upraising? Have we sized a Post Office? "- Genevan POpkhadze, the MP from Georgian Dream has responded to his teammates, who call Eka Beselia and her associates rebels.

According to Gedevan Popkhadze, he and several other MPs, who are against the 10-member list of judges submitted to the Parliament, have a position, which differs from the position of the rest of the team. Gedevan Popkhadze does not expect exclusion from the ruling team.

According to the MP, this issue is not relevant.

"We express a different opinion. I can not understand how can someone state that people, who have different opinion within the team are rebels. I think this is a wrong position, "Gedevan Popkhadze said.