25 July 2024,   05:38
There are risks of influencing witnesses of defense -Prosecutor about DG"s release

"We believe and used to believe that there are some risks of influencing witnesses of the defense side" said the prosecutor Beka Kvartskhava after the release of the juvenile, DG, who was arrested for giving false testimony on the murder case in Khorava Street.
The Prosecutor"s Office did not agree with the motion of the defense, since, as they said, there was a risk that the juvenile influenced the witnesses.
About 90 witnesses were questioned regarding the case.D.G. has been recently released from the courtroom. He was sentenced to 5000 GEL bail. After almost a one-hour meeting, the judge of Tbilisi City Court received the decision. The juvenile"s six-month prison term was expiring on January 19.