25 July 2024,   05:03
The main thing is that the parties involved in the conflict should listen to each other - Dimitri Khundadze responds to the split in the majority

Controversy in the "Georgian Dream" - so-called new team responds to the ultimatum of the members of the ruling party regarding 10- member list of the judges. For them the demand of their teammates to recall the lis is unacceptable, however, they say that dialogue between the two parties must be held.
Dimitri Khundadze, a member of the faction Georgian Dream, says that the ruling party should make a fair decision on the appointment of lifelong judges after the dialogue.
Akaki Zoidze, Member of the Faction "Georgian Dream" also calls on the opposing parties to have a dialogue. The MP sees the confrontation and the acute criticism between the teammates as a feature of a "healthy", "vibrant " team.