13 July 2024,   20:03
Fake accounts are activated in social networks for discrediting TBC Bank and Mamuka Khazaradze

Social network are involved in "TBC Bank" and Mamuka Khazaradze discrediting campaign.
For two days, dozens of materials intended to discredit Khazaradze and strengthen the information of the Prosecutor"s Office are spread on Facebook . Investigation is carried out in one of the largest financial group for money laundering.
Following the disclosure of the preliminary information about the bank"s case with the media outlets, Mamuka Khazaradze" has become assault object of the ordered and financially sponsored pages. Presumably, such pages are managed by the authorities.
Over the past two years, NGOs have been the object of such large-scale attacks.Similar pages were created before the presidential election and some of them were particularly active during the second round. The aim was to discredit the main opponent of the government. Some of the media researchers openly say that this campaign is financed from the budget. According to them, personal attack is a Russian method against specially selected individuals.Similar pages are created for the discrediting of journalists of opposition and non-governmental sector, Rustavi 2, its director and the journalists of "Courier".