18 July 2024,   07:01
Any citizen of Georgia will receive "Tamiflu" free of charge from today

Any citizen of Georgia will receive "Tamiflu" free of charge from today 

The statement was made by the Minister of Health, David Sergeenko, who noted that from the first half of the day it will be possible to start issuing drugs.
"Recently, the Ministry of Health provides free antiviral drugs for risk groups such as pregnant women, elderly, children and the socially vulnerable. Nevertheless, in recent days it was clear that buying this product was connected with financial or some other barriers for other groups.
The Prime Minister of Georgia is actively involved in the working process and last night we had a last discussion and he made a decision that all citizens of Georgia would receive antivirus drugs
for free.
"I received this assignment yesterday evening and we started to implement the mechanisms from today and I think we will start working on Saturday from the first half of the day.This is a very important decision and means that the health of citizens is really a priority for the Georgian government, it was a very correct decision made by the Prime Minister," Sergeenko said.