23 July 2024,   19:45
Russian MP after Tskhinvali was in Tbilisi on January 9-10

Russian MP Arsen Fadzayev was in Tbilisi on 9-10 January.According to Netgazeti, he visited Tskhinvali last year, which means that he allegedly violated the Law of Georgia on Occupied Territories.
Arsen Fadzayev is a member of the Russian Federal Council from North Ossetia. In previous years he was a member of Edinaia Rossia and a member of Russian parliament of several convocations and in 2000, Vladimir Putin"s trusted person in North Ossetia.
Netgazeti has no information whether the Russian lawmaker has already left, but according to his post on Instagram, Fadzayev was in Tbilisi on 9-10 January.
Russian MP, who became an Olympic champion in 1988 in wrestling, wrote in Instagram that he was invited by friends to Tbilisi to attend a free wrestling championship.
He wrote about the Georgian-Russian friendship and posted two videos depicting Georgian sportsmen.
"These people, like many others, speak very warmly about Russia and South Ossetia, they always call for brotherly and friendly relations. I fully support them. Sport unites! "- writes Fadzayev.