23 July 2024,   18:22
Confrontation between the law enforcers - new details become known

New details have been revealed in the case of physical confrontation between law enforcers in Vani . The incident occurred in Maspindzelo, a restaurant in Vani district, where Koba Dvalishvili, Deputy Head of Vani Police has beaten up the Prosecutor and a man accompanying him.
The owners of the restaurant say that physical assault on the territory of the restaurant did not happen and the fight started between the law enforcers on the outer perimeter.
"Deputy head of Vani police and representative of the prosecutor"s office physically confronted each other in the restaurant. And this is happening at a time when crime is rampant, the situation in this regard is the worst in the region, and law enforcement agencies instead of fighting against crime and investigation of cases, are busy fighting each other. This clearly indicates what a difficult situation our law enforcement system is in, "- added the head of the United National Movement faction of the Municipal Council, Giga Shushania.
Officials who took part in the incident have been suspended from fulfilling their authority. Investigation began under Article 126 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.