23 July 2024,   19:47
"Hopefully, we will get explanations" - Foreign Ministry representative assesses Khajimba`s meeting with Venezuelan president

The so called Abkhazian President"s and Venezuelan President"s Meeting was assessed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.
According to Vladimir Konstantinidi, the Georgian side has already communicated with the El Salvador side and hopes that it will receive relevant explanations in the shortest time.
According to him, our country did not recognize the presidential elections held in Venezuela last year, because it was not democratic.
"Georgia does not recognize the presidential elections in Venezuela last year, as this elections were undemocratic. The international community also criticized the inauguration, which was attended by a small number of countries. The de facto leader took advantage of this event and they met with representatives of a couple of countries. The meeting with El Salvador president was covered and the Georgian side established communication with El Salvador side and hopefully, we will get an explanation in the short term, "- said the representative of the Foreign Ministry Vladimir Konstantinidi.
The so called Abkhazian President met with President of Venezuela. Raul Khajimba is in Salvador, where he speaks about the struggle for independence of the Abkhaz and Salvadoran people, along with the unrecognized by the international community Sanchez Sereno .