25 July 2024,   04:43
Influential Bishop against authorities - scandalous statement of Archbishop Grigol

The influential bishop against the government - Archbishop Grigoli of Poti and Khobi Eparchy has publicized Sunday sermon on his Facebook page. He speaks about granting autocephaly for the Church of Ukraine and notes that the topic of Ukraine is a serious watershed between the past and the future.
According to his assessment, the fact that political leaders refrain from congratulating the Ukrainian colleagues and people is disappointing. Metropolitan of the Poti and Khobi Eparchy hopes that the challenges facing the Church and the independence of the state will be answered with dignity.
" The topic of Ukrainian is one of the serious watersheds between the past and the future; Because of wrongdoing, Adam and Eve were dismissed from the are which was the natural environment for them; Similarly, we say: If the fear drifts us in the wrong way , there is no doubt that we will be isolated from the free world and the idea of freedom and independence cherished for so long by many generations will be lost .We hope that we will be able to stay at the height, from where we will see the threats facing the world and among them - Georgia. At present, the state and the Church have their own functions the mixing up of which can cause irreparable results.We hope that we will answer our challenges and challenges facing the independence of our church and will not put under threat the present and future of our country.What is more important: Gospel principles or political expediency or conjuncture ?! Please think about it! "- says Archbishop Grigol.
The influential bishop also points to the powerful influence of the church in the same preaching. According to him, the Orthodox Church of Georgia has influence not only on the internal political life of the country, but also on the foreign policy of the country.
Archbishop Grigol also says that the new center is being established in the Orthodox world. He states that if the Georgian Church finds itself in the center of this orbit, it will be a huge loss for the state.
"Historical experience really dictates us that the process of establishing a new (ie, second) center is in parallel with the historically existing canonical center, and if the Georgian Church turns to the orbit of this" new "center, consider that the Georgian state is also facing deplorable fate! And what role the new center is clear. It is natural that when they say that they will discuss this issue with the Church , they either do not understand or fail to realize their obligations to colleagues and friends or are misled by wrong perception of being religious ! " -said Archbishop Grigol.