20 July 2024,   00:53
"This list of judges will not be accepted, this list will be suspended" - Eka Beselia

"It is important for me that this list has been suspended at this stage," said Eka Beselia, a member of Georgian Dream faction of the Georgian parliament.
The former chairperson of the Legal Issues Committee spoke about the reasons for leaving the post. This is the first official statement of Eka Beselia after Bidzina Ivanishvili"s letter.
Eka Beselia says thatthe primary goal related to the list of judges of the Supreme Court has been achieved.
Beselia explains that the second stage starts now, when the changes in the procedures of lifelong appointment of judges to the Supreme Court should be elaborated.
"This list can not be passed by the Parliament, this list can not be reviewed by the Legal Committee, this list will be suspended and the amendments will be made and now the second stage is important because the process is not over," said Beselia.
Beselia says that she and her colleagues have a great role in suspending the list and developing new criteria.
""I want to start with the issue of judges of the Supreme Court. I think that the goal is achieved at this stage. The primary task was that the list submitted by the High Council of Justice not to be discussed at the Legal Committee last week, the list not to be submitted at the session, the process to be suspended and a decision to be made on amending the law so that to define how the judges should be selected.

This goal has been achieved as a result of the decision made by me and I think it was worth doing. It was a very important goal for me, my friends and for all the people for whom judicial independence is important," Eka Beselia said.
Beselia starts meetings with international and local organizations.
The confrontation was caused by a 10-member list of judges to the Supreme Court submitted by the High Council of Justice. Members of the parliamentary majority are demanding to recall back the list and develop new criteria.
Eka Beselia has also boycotted the 10-member list and named this list as the main cause of her resignation from the Legal Issues Committee.
After the confrontation in the team, "Georgian Dream" chairman published the first statement. Bidzina Ivanishvili accused Eka Beselia of going against the team. Former chairperson of the Legal Issues Committee responded to the statements saying that everything will be clear.