20 July 2024,   00:56
This is our historic flag "- Zourabichvili participated in putting up flag ceremony

January 14 is the day of the state flag of Georgia.
The flag ceremony was held at the president"s palace in Atoneli Street.The 5th president of the country participated in the ceremony. The President of Georgia spoke about the significance of the national flag and emphasized that the Flag reflects the history of the country.
"I would like to congratulate everybody on the Day of National Flag, which is being celebrated by flying the flag for the first time in the Orbeliani palace. I am happy. The national flag is very important and I am happy that I have to talk about this with young people, since this is a flag of future. This is our historic flag and it reflects the whole history of our nation. We know that Georgians have fought under a number of flags, and I personally grew up under the three-color flag abroad when it was not a national flag and I was dreaming that one day it would become a state flag.

Today this is our state flag, we should respect it and by this we will respect our country. Wherever you are in the future under this flag, you should be aware that you are envoys of Georgia. Our flag is protected by our soldiers here and outside the country, this flag is protected by our border guards, our citizens who live near the occupation line. Our flag is respected by our athletes. Our culture is under this flag, which is our treasure. The independence of our country, its freedom and everything that is valuable for us is under this flag," the President said.