13 July 2024,   21:10
I voted against - Bidzina Gegidze does not support Matikashvili"s appointment as Chairman of the Legal Committee

Bidzina Gegidze, a Member of the Parliamentary Majority, voted against Matikashvili"s appointment as the Chairperson of the Legal Issues Committee.
Gegidze got interested at the sitting of the Committee on Legal Issues, whether the existing criteria provided the possibility for the High Council of Justice to present dignified candidates to the Parliament.
Today, the Committee on Legal Issues  has chosen David Matikashvili as a chairperson. Matikashvili will head the committee until the new chairman is appointed.
Bidzina Gegidze called upon the chairperson to take concrete steps after the confrontation with regard to the 10-man list of judges. He said that Irakli Kobakhidze should be able to present the plan in the shortest possible period not only to defuse the confrontation in the ruling team but to solve the procedures of appointing judges.