13 July 2024,   19:09
January 14 - Day of National Flag of Georgia

January 14 is the day of Georgian Flag- deputies and chairmen of Tbilisi City Council hung flags from the historic balconies of Tbilisi City Hall building.

"I would like to congratulate everybody, every citizen of our country today ", stated Giorgi Tkemaladze, the Chairman of Tbilisi City Hall.

The State Council of Heraldry urges residents to raise national flags and hang them from cars and on the rooftops or from windows in order to turn this day into a real national, public holiday.

"The state flag is essentially a symbol of nationality of our citizens, our families. A symbol of our dignity and I am very happy that the council was involved in the campaign," said Tinatin Nibloshvili, a Chairperson of Tbilisi City Hall"s Names and Symbols Commission.