13 July 2024,   19:13
Silence in response to criticism - Eka Beselia did not dare to criticize Bidzina Ivanishvili

Silence in response to acute criticism - one of the founders of Georgian Dream has not clarified details of the confrontation.

Beselia said directly that she is not going to leave the team despite the acute controversy. "The veteran" member of " Georgian Dream" party states she will leave the party, only if undesirable candidates for judges are elected.

Beselia has confirmed that the so-called " young wing" of Georgian Dream started to work on her resignation and they were ready to offer her much higher position instead of Chairmanship of the Legal Committee.

The Source tells Courier, that Eka Beselia did not dare to criticize the leader of the party, because the Prosecutor"s Office has several criminal cases against Beselia.