14 July 2024,   06:08
We are not going to the epidemic, but the disease is complicated - health minister on the spread of the flu virus

Extended Meeting at the Ministry of Health - David Sergeenko will meet with primary healthcare institutions and pharmacies.The minister will hear from them exactly what the situation is in connection with the spread of the flu virus in the country and whether the number of patients in the clinics have increased.The Ministry of Health explained that at this stage there is sufficient supply of the antiviral medication Tamiflu , and if necessary it will be filled again.
"The morbidity rate is decreasing, which means that we are not going to the epidemic, the peak has been passed , the number of ambulance calls and ambulatory cases is really positive. However , it"s very important to address family doctors as soon as the first symptoms appear , "- said the Health Minister.
According to the latest data, about 17 people have died of swine flu in Georgia.