14 July 2024,   05:44
Massive reorganization in president"s administration - agency will announce the qualification requirements

The presidential administration will carry out a massive reorganization. Today, the criteria according which the old staff will retain the posts and new ones will be hired will be made known.
In a few hours the administration will publish a document on the new personnel policy, where the two-stage selection process will be
described and all requests will be listed.
The first phase will be held in the period between January 15 and February 15, during which the staff will be selected.
According to the president"s spokesperson, the data of those who do not meet criteria will be automatically sent to the Civil Service Bureau. If they do not get employed after expiration of a certain period of time, the administration will pay them a three-month salary as a compensation.The second stage, which envisages the adoption of new employees, will start from February 15.
"The president"s administration has already developed qualification requirements for the personnel policy that will fit this 60 staff unit," Khatia Moispritsishvili says.Day