16 July 2024,   08:10
Second Day of Protest of Clergy - Jvari Monastery is still closed, pilgrims are not allowed in the temple

The Jvari Monastery is still closed. The pilgrims or tourists have not been allowed to enter the temple for the second day already. The clergy has not yet appeared on the territory of Jvari Monastery.
Tourists and believers arrived at the place early in the morning, but the gate of the cathedral has not yet been opened for them.
There are traders who speak about the reasons for closing the church who say that the clergy asked them to leave the territory. According to them, the conflict has been going on for 2 years already. Traders are not going to leave the area.
Traders believe that clergymen want to trade on the territory of the Jvari Monastery themselves .The monastery"s leader took the decision to close the world cultural heritage monument of the sixth century. The cleric threatens that the church will not be opened until the outsiders leave the adjoining territories.
First Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia assesses the closure of the Jvari monastery as a misunderstanding. Mikheil Giorgadze speaks about the necessity of local government participation in solving the problem.
"The local authorities should intervene very actively, because this is the competence of the local government in the first place, "said Mikheil Giorgadze.