16 July 2024,   06:34
Autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church - "European Georgia" calls on the government to express its position

The issue of supporting the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church remains unsolved - The Patriarchate and the Georgian authorities have not yet expressed their positions.

"European Georgia" calls on the government to express openly what do they think about this issue. Giga Bokeria states that this issue is not only religious but political as well.

According to him, if the Georgian side will not clearly express its attitude, Georgia will be in captivity of Russia and Russian church.

"Everyone understands that this issue is not linked only with church. For the simple reason that the Orthodox Church in Russia is united with the government, the Putin regime and represents the instrument of this regime with its aggressive actions regarding its neighbors,- "Bokeria said.

Giga Bokeria responded to the statement of the President of Georgia and said that it was unacceptable.