16 July 2024,   08:04
Closed Jvari Monastery and decision of the Monastery"s leader

Tourists have to climb the fence to visit the Jvari Monastery.
Pilgrims and tourists arrive to the Monastery from the morning, but can not enter the territory due to a decision of the Monastery"s leader.

Carter Konstantine Chincharauli has not yet arrived to the Monastery. The UNESCO World Heritage Site had been closed due to his sole decision. Only a few monks are in the temple, but they don"t tell when the church will be open.

Street vendors are on the site as well. They are the reason of closure the territory of the monastery. The dispute relates to the place for trade. The clergy demand traders to leave the territory.

The monastery"s leader took the decision to close the world cultural heritage monument of the sixth century. The cleric threatens that the church will not be opened until the outsiders leave the adjoining territories.