16 July 2024,   06:36
Imposing taxation for business - Citizens oppose pension reform and demand its suspension

Petition against accumulated pensions - Citizens oppose forced accumulation of pensions and are demanding to suspend the reform.
Business representatives also talk about the problems. Shalva Tskhakaia, the chairman of the Employers" Association, says that the implementation of the pension reform was unorganized.
"First of all, many questions have not been answered yet. Even the basic procedural issues that the employer is interested in - how, in what form, and what amount of pension contributions should be paid, unfortunately we do not know. If this case is temporarily suspended due to a petition or constitutional claim, it will be oxygen for business, "- Tskhakaia says.
Chairman of the Association of Distributors, Iva Chkonia explains the pension reform as imposing of taxes for businesses bypassing the law. According to him, the business is forced to pay a compulsory tax.
.DLG & CASE founder, Levan Makharashvili, says that pension reform is inadequate and is damaging both for the company and the consumer,
From January 1, the accumulated pension program has been launched, involving all citizens under age of 40 .