25 July 2024,   05:12
Third sector links black PR in social network with government

Representatives of the NGOs negatively assess the black PR against them .

The third sector representatives state that the government is behind the attack on social networks and they suffer from psychological terror .

The Terror Attacks are targeting the leaders of the most influential NGOs , who openly protest the clan rule in the government and judiciary system.

Eka Gigauri, the Executive Director of the NGO "Transparency International - Georgia", links statements about politically sensitive issues with activation of trolls .

"Today is an attempt to persuade the society that we are worse than Chinchaladze and Murusidze," Gigauri said.

Sulkhan Saladze, the Chairperson of the Georgian Young Lawyers" Association underlines that this is not the first attack on the third sector.

"When it coincides with a statement of the Chairman of the Parliament and in the parallel regime the process begins, the government is under suspicion,"- said Saladze.

Mikhail Benidze, the Executive Director of the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy sees coincidence of the approaches to the third sector and the rhetoric of the government.