13 July 2024,   20:44
Incident in "La Truffe" - court acquits Nika Melia and Beka Maziashvili

The incident in "La Truffe" - the court has found Nika Melia and Beka Maziashvili not guilty.
Lawyer Giorgi Gelkhauri points out that Nika Melia has not violated any kind of law in the restaurant and which was confirmed by the court decision.
Prosecutor Grigol Nishnianidze can not understand why the court has issued the acquitting sentence. The prosecution plans to appeal the verdict.
The confrontation between Nika Melia and the supporters of "Georgian Dream" took place at the restaurant "La Truffe" on May 12, 2013. The process has been going on for five years already.
Nika Melia and Beka Maziashvili were charged with hooliganism in connection with the confrontation.