20 July 2024,   02:05
I have never wanted to be a judge - Beselia responds to accusations that she wants to be a judge in the Supreme Court

New details of confrontation between Eka Beselia and the members of the parliamentary majority - part of "Georgian Dream" members in the private conversation confirm that Eka Beselia wanted to be a permanent judge in the Supreme Court.
As they tell the "Courier", Beselia has been conducting negotiations within the team on this topic.
Members of the ruling team do not speak about this issue in fron of the cameras. Dimitri Tskitishvili, member of the faction "Georgian Dream", says he has no such information about it .
Beselia herself says that the information is not true and the concrete persons are trying to distract attention from the issue of judges" list
."I was a lawyer, I really liked my profession and I love it now. I gave up this profession only in 2006, when I went into politics because there was no independent court in the country.I have never wanted to be a judge, "says Eka Beselia.