20 July 2024,   01:17
Death toll caused by explosion in Didi Dighomi increased - three people are dead

The explosion occurred in Didi Dighomi, according to the available information, three people were killed and there are injured who are transported to hospital by emergency medical personnel.
At this time, one of the injured has been taken to Gudushauri clinic. The condition of the injured is stable now. He has received various types of bruises as a result of the explosion.
According to the current information, minors have also been injured. Three children , who have received various injuries, have been transferred to Iashvili clinic.
Kakha Kaladze, the mayor of Tbilisi, arrived in Didi Dighomi. A powerful explosion has occurred in Didi Dighomi recently. According to the information, an explosion in a residential building was caused by a leakage of natural gas. The scale of the destruction is quite large.
Rescuers are trying to get people out of the ruins . Evacuation of the population was declared.According to unconfirmed information, rescuers are unable to get out of the ruins several citizens. The injured have been transferred to various hospitals in Tbilisi. The explosion occurred on the sixth floor of the recently built building.According to locals, the smell of gas was felt during the whole day, so hey called "KazTransGas" representatives, but they did not find any problem and left the area.