13 July 2024,   19:45
Law enforcers questioned the founder of the company "El Group" - Grigol Chanturia imposes responsibility for the explosion on "KazTransGas"

Explosion in Didi Dighomi - a representative of the construction company recalls the tragic incident and says that he has personally met with the representatives of "KazTransGas"before the explosion.

Grigol Chanturia, the representative of "El Group" says that after the locals he has called himself to "KazTransGas" and after the arrival, the representatives of the company told him that there was nothing dangerous.

" Guys said that they felt a smell of gas. I dialed the number of KazTransGas and told them that there was a terrible smell in the building. asked to come and check. They came in 40 minutes, entered the building and said that there was nothing dangerous,"- says Grigol Chanturia.

As for the exploitation of the residential building, a representative of the construction company says that it would enter into the force this week .

Chanturia confirms that "El Group" and "Kaztransgas" signed an agreement a year ago.
The company imposes full responsibility on "KazTransGas".Chanturia has already given a testimony to law enforcers and presented relevant documents.