25 July 2024,   05:41
Media Pluralism in Georgia Is under treat - "Rustavi 2" and "Iberia" Cases mentioned in HRW Report

Human Rights Watch publishes a 2019 report on media freedom and pluralism. The report mentions Rustavi 2 case and it is said that this dispute has raised concerns over government`s interference in the media.
The report also includes the case of the TV company "Iberia" and the owners" accusation is mentioned in connection with the attempts to seize the TV in exchange for debts.
"The ownership dispute over Georgia’s most-watched television broadcaster, Rustavi 2, remained pending before the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). A former owner alleged that he had been forced to sell the station below the market value and sought to restore his rights. Rustavi 2’s current owners allege the lawsuit is government-orchestrated to take over the opposition-minded station. The dispute raised concerns over government interference with media., "the report reads.
The report also included government attacks on NGOs. The international human rights organization commented on the open criticism of the government towards the third sector.
"In October, several top officials made statements attacking NGOs, after 13 leading human rights groups published a joint statement criticizing high-level corruption. Georgia’s public defender criticized the officials’ statements.," the Human Rights Watch report reads.
The report of the influential international organization speaks about the elections in Georgia and the violations revealed during the elections. The report emphasizes the special operation in Pankisi and the Khorava street.