20 July 2024,   02:13
Violations revealed during elections -Sopho Kiladze does not exclude that biased information was provided to HRW

Sopho Kiladze, Chairperson of Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee of the Parliament does not exclude providing biased information to Human Rights Watch regarding presidential elections.The MP does not rule out that, like in case of the Freedom House report, the international human rights organization has been provided with incorrect information.
According to Sopho Kiladze, Georgian democracy is developing and the opinion that it is in danger is wrong.
"The talk is about the fact that Georgian democracy is in danger. I think this is overly exaggerated because Georgian democracy is not in danger, on the contrary, it is developing. Last year , the Freedom House"s report contained actual inaccuracies. The Chairman of the Parliament made the statement that Freedom House was misled by certain organizations. I think that in this case it is possible to deal with such mistakes and with such biased information, "- Sopho Kiladze said.
The presidential election was included in the Human Rights Watch report. The International Human Rights Organization"s report concludes international observers" conclusions on abuse of administrative resources.