25 July 2024,   04:30
Shortcomings revealed during the elections should be corrected in 2019 - Carl Hartzell

Human Rights Watch publishes an annual report - the report of an influential international organization mentions Georgia, the country"s elections and the violations revealed during elections .
The report emphasizes the special operation in Pankisi and the Khorava street case.
According to the Human Rights Watch report, Georgia"s media pluralism is in danger.
Head of the EU Delegation to Georgia Carl Hartzell has responded to Human Rights Watch"s annual report.The EU Ambassador emphasizes the necessity of development of investigative journalism and expresses readiness for support.
"During election campaign, I noted that what we see and what observed international observers is the existence of polarized media, which is also reflected in the polarized political environment, it appeared during these elections. It would be nice to see high quality investigative journalism. The EU will be interested to render support, because there is pluralism, but there are other possibilities, "said Carl Hartzell.
Ambassador Carl Hartzell said while talking about political environment that it is important that the violations revealed during the presidential election are eradicated in a timely manner, as the parliamentary elections are ahead.
"As for the elections, we would like to see that the conclusions will be made and the gaps revealed will be improved properly. It is obvious that in 2019 this should be done because the parliamentary elections are approaching. Therefore, it is important to react to these shortcomings, we call on this and we are ready to render support, "said Carl Hartzell