13 July 2024,   21:00
EU allocates 110 million GEL in support of reforms in Georgia

The EU has allocated 110 million GEL in support of reforms in Georgia. This amount will be used for development of agriculture, justice, public service reform, harmonization of legislature and business support. A large sum of money will be directly transferred to the budget.
110 million lari is a grant from the EU and not a credit, which should be spent on various reforms . Brussels will monitor all sectors and all spheres.
" EU and Georgian government officials say that the relationship between Georgia and the EU has never been so close as it is today. The funds allocated by us also set a record. This confirms that the EU is making more investments in the country. This is a sign of trust in the ongoing reforms in Georgia. We hope to see sustainable efforts in the next few years, "said Carl Hartzelll, head of the EU Delegation to Georgia.