13 July 2024,   19:25
Some groups try to discredit Mayor"s Office and me - Kaki Kaladze

An explosion occurred in Didi Dighomi - Kakha Kaladze held a special briefing. The mayor of the capital said that the municipality does everything to help the victims.

The Tbilisi Mayor has traditionally accused Rustavi 2 of spreading false information. According to him, specific groups try to discredit the Mayor"s Office and personally him.

" On this emotional background there are some individuals and groups who due to incompetence or politically motivation provide the society with false information and try to speculate with this tragedy. There are attempts to discredit the Mayor"s Office and personally me. They link me with the explosion. Link the Mayor"s Office and services with it, but, of course we will not let this people to mislead the society. We will do our best to tell truth.
For example, yesterday Rustavi 2 TV, and it is not something new, because their editorial policy is based on falsehood, aired a story, according to which an explosion is linked to the issue of exploitation of the building. They have linked the fact , that population used to live in the building, which is not in exploitation to some corrupt scheme", Kaladze said.

The Mayor of Tbilisi noted that inspection of the safety of the natural gas network is not in the competence of the Municipal Inspection of the Mayor"s Office.