13 July 2024,   19:29
"The main suspect is the government of Georgia and the person with the most influence" - experts on TBC Bank case

Economists and experts on economic issues ask the Prime Minister and the economic team of the Government of Georgia to answer the main question.
Experts are wondering why the investigation was launched over the fact that took place around the TBC Bank about ten years ago when "Georgian Dream" has been in power for the last six years.Economists say that the pressure on the company is underway, which affects the state"s financial stability.
"Any kind of interference that the state is carrying out today has impact not only on financial stability, it damages its clients as well.Nobody gave the answer to this, neither the PM why now , why, ten years later, why they needed to put pressure on this company now, "said economist Zviad Khorguashvili.
Giorgi Kepuladze, chairman of the non-governmental organization "Society and Banks", says that attack at Mamuka Khazaradze directly means attack at TBC bank. He said that the government should take into consideration that TBC Bank is a systemic bank and it is on the London Stock Exchange, which will cause damage to the company.
"Attack on TBC Bank will be very damaging not only to TBC Bank but also to the financial sector of the country," - Kepuladze said.
Iago Khvichia, the chairperson of the "New Political Center - Girchy" says that the only suspect in the process is the Georgian government and its real ruler.
"The main suspect in this process is the Government of Georgia and the person who has the most influence on the Georgian government," Khvichia said.