23 July 2024,   18:03
State Ltd specially created for Soso Jachvliani was annulled

State Ltd specially created for Soso Jachvliani has been declared annulled - Tetnuldi development finishes functioning.
The head of the mountain resorts development made a statement today.
Tamaz Gamtsemlidze says that Tetnuldi Development has fulfilled the terms of the contract and the need for its existence is not on the agenda.
Soso Jachvliani was appointed as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Tetnuldi Development, after the Georgian Dream terminated his mandate as MP.The former member of the ruling team does not want to talk about the reasons for the decision.
Tetnuldi Development has announced 455 tender during its work, estimated cost of which is 17 434 304 GEL.
"Tetnuldi Ltd has fulfilled its obligations and completed the infrastructure works that it had to fulfill and was annulled. As to the rest, I can not add anything more ... they had to fulfill certain obligations, to build ropeway, to arrange various infrastructural projects which they have completed and the company has completed its activity, "said Tamaz Gamtsemlidze, director of mountain resort development company.