23 July 2024,   18:57
Explosion in Didi Dighomi - The lawyer demands release of defendants in exchange for bai

The employees of "KazTransGas" have already been taken to the City Court. In a few minutes, the court will discuss imposing a preventive measure for Tornike Tatishvili and Vazir Mamdiani.
Both of them are charged with neglect of official duties. The case concerns the explosion in the Dighomi, where 4 people died, including one child of 4 years.
As it is known, the inhabitants of the building called KazTransGas employees, after they felt a smell of natural gas. However, KazTransGas employees told them that the piping was in order and there was no smell of gas. In a few hours the explosion in Avtandili street N 8 was occurred . The detained employees of "KazTransGas" do not find themselves guilty. They say that they came to the place with the appropriate equipment and the equipment did not confirm the increase in gas level.
The defense side requests to leave the defendants without the measure of prevention and as an alternative, they demand a bail."When they came to the scene the smell was no longer felt.
They checked the scene with a special device which showed zero percent. The device was not out of order because afterwards there was another phone calland the same device showed that there was a trace of leakage, "- Tornike Tatishvili"s lawyer Tamar Japaridze said.
The prosecution has not made comments.