23 July 2024,   18:14
Georgia is in the list of countries with the worst education system - WorldAtlas

Georgia is included in the list of countries with the worst education system. The list was published by WorldAtlas. The article names countries that spend the smallest percentage of their Gross Domestic Product on education. Georgia occupies the 25 th place. The head of the list is taken by Equatorial Guinea and Burma.
The article describes the criteria by which the level of education system is assessed. The criteria includes the amount of money spent on education, organization of system , teaching methods, access to learning and qualification of teachers
Education Minister Mikheil Batiashvili has acknowledged that much in the system needs to be corrected, but the education minister is worried about WorldAtlas"s survey.Specialists say that the increase of education financing is important, but the main reason is the inefficient spending.
Opposition representatives say that the education system is in a crisis situation. According to them, funds are spent not on the development of needed programs but on political goals.