13 July 2024,   20:33
Search for 23-year-old Georgian sailor in Libya continues - Istanbul and Egypt consulates involved in the process

The search for 23-year-old Georgian sailor in Libya continues to this day.The Georgian Foreign Ministry is also involved in the search of Georgian along with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Maritime Police. Namely, Istanbul and Egypt consulates got involved in the search.
"Our maritime administration is in contact with Georgian sailors. They had a conversation about this issue. They do not have detailed information. There are no reasons and versions at this stage. It is known to us only that the ship is in the port and the investigation has already begun, "said Vladimir Constantinidi, a representative of the Foreign Ministry.
Relatives of Davit Razmadze have difficulty talking about the incident and demand from the government agencies timely investigation.Georgian sailor Davit Razmadze disappeared in Libya on January 7. Relatives were informed about the incident only after a week.