25 July 2024,   05:36
Champion of Europe beaten by President of Wrestling Federation - Interrogation started

An attack on the Champion of Europe - The police have started Interrogations.

Vake-Saburtalo Department summons everyone who witnessed how Gega Gegeshidze, the Chairman of the Wrestling Federation has attacked Zurab Datunashvili, the Champion of Europe with the chain since this morning.
At this time Zurab Shelia is in the police department. He has not made comments before interrogation.

An iron chain, with which Gega Gegeshidze hit Zurab Datunashvili in his face is obvious on the recording.

Gocha Chorgolian, the Secretary-General of the Tbilisi Wrestling Federation will also answer questions of the law enforcers.

According to Chorgoliani, Gega Gegeshidze will have to resign and the composition of the Presidium of the Wrestling Federation will be changed as well.