20 July 2024,   16:19
Visa Liberalization may become questionable - France Ambassador speaks about the increased number of asylum-seekers

The number of asylum seekers in Europe has reached an alarming rate after the visa liberalization. The French ambassador in Georgia speaks about the reasons that might threaten visa-free travel with Europe.

Pascal Meunier says that the number of asylum seekers has increased significantly after the visa-free flow. The French government refuses to give them shelter because people go abroad not because of persecution or harassment, but because of economic conditions.

The ambassador explains that in 2017, the number of asylum seekers has reached 6,000, while their number before visa liberalization was 2000 ."The problem is that we want to provide shelter to those who really suffer, for example, from Syria, Afghanistan and Georgia as well if they really need it. But from Georgia people migrate mainly due to economic reasons, which is illegal,"- states Pascal Meunier. According to him, he will discuss additional measures, how to fight with it with the government of Georgia.