23 July 2024,   18:45
Popkhadze plans to attend sitting of majority

The so-called " disobedient" MPs plan to attend the meeting of the ruling party. Gedevan Popkhadze has made a statement and mentioned that he has not received an invitation. However, is still going to attend the sitting.
Popkhadze says that he will not attend the sitting only if Archil Talakvadze tells him to do so.

Popkhadze does not rule out that one of the main issues at the sitting may be his and Eka Beselia"s expulsion from the party.
" I always express my position openly. I think that the issue related to the court is very principled so to expel people from the party or use some sanctions, in my opinion, can not be justified by any standard and logic, "said Popkhadze.

The MP also says that the meeting should discuss the issue of lifelong judges as well.
As for Eka Beselia, she will not attend the meeting because she is not in Georgia.