23 July 2024,   18:11
Criteria for Selection of Judges of the Supreme Court - Ana Dolidze and Nazi Janezashvili meet with the Public Defender

Non-judge members of the High Council of Justice meet the Public Defender. Nazi Janezashvili and Ana Dolidze together with the Ombudsman discuss the criteria, according to which new judges of the Supreme Court should be selected. According to them, the parliament should develop regulations and make changes to the law that will make the process maximally objective.

Ana Dolidze says that the decision of judges, to remove their candidacies is a temporary retreat.
"It"s quite possible that this is one of the long-term strategies. Temporary retreat because they have a guarantee of different type of help or another type of victory, "said Anna Dolidze.

Nazi Janezashvili has question marks about the decision of the permanent judges."This joint statement confirms that the clan really exists, otherwise this statement would not be written in this form, "Nazi Janezashvili said.