23 July 2024,   17:44
Courier finds a person, wanted by Interpol - Opposition speaks about disruption of the legal system


Jack Shepard"s scandal - Before Georgian law enforcers, Courier has found an individual who is waned under the red circular.

The accused is in Tbilisi for the last ten months. Despite numerous pleas from Scotland Yard, the law enforcers failed to find and arrest him.
Yesterday, after an interview with Courier Jack Shepard went to the Police Station himself.

The opponents of the government speak about systemic gaps in the law enforcement system. According to the representatives of the opposition party, the law enforcement system is destroyed.

" It means that the law enforcement system in Georgia is destroyed and is ruined. This is not the first time when the wanted people move freely and the so-called criminal bosses, who are wanted by Interpol, cross Georgian border without control,"- said Khatia Dekanoidze.

The members of the European Georgia speak about the problems in the law enforcement agencies."There is a situation when the government has some kind of agreement with the criminal world and there is a problem associated with systemic shortcomings that should be corrected," said Otar Kakhidze.