23 July 2024,   18:54
Georgian Dream agreed on main principles - Zakaria Kutsnashvili

"It was a very fruitful meeting," - says Zakaria Kutsnashvili, a member of the parliamentary majority.

After leaving the meeting of Georgian Dream, Zakaria Kutsnashvili mentioned that he is content with the results.

According to the MP, several main principles have been agreed on how to select the lifetime judges for the Supreme Court.

According to Kutsnashvili, one of the main tasks is to hold a selection process transparently. According to him, the MPs should have freedom in the polling process.

"The society demands to hold this process publicly and transparently. So we agree to select candidates in the High Council of Justice through the open competition," Zakaria Kutsnashvili said.

The sitting of the Parliamentary Majority continues at the Georgian Dream"s office, where the main topic of discussion is the lifelong appointment of judges in the Supreme Court.